Tuesday, December 17, 2013

CSL Offroad now offering Artec Industries products.

CSL Offroad is now offering Artec Industries products.  If you need a truss kit for your low pinion or high pinion dana 30 or even want to swap in a Ford 8.8 into your ZJ we got you covered.  You have a dana 60 or corporate 14 bolt in your rig, no problem either we got you covered with trusses, diff covers and steering to help you out.  If your still building your rig Artec has brackets, tabs and gussets as well as rod ends.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deathwobble Proof your WJ!

Have you spent your hard earned money on a lift kit and even new steering only to find you still have occasional deathwobble caused by a worn out trackbar bushing?  If so we have an answer for you!  JKS has just released a new version of their adjustable trackbar.  The latest version of this includes a johnny joint on the axle end which means no more bushing failure and ultimately deathwobble. If you already own a JKS adjustable trackbar, give us a call for the axle side upgrade only.  Click here for more information on this great product!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CSL Offroad Partners with Randy's Ring and Pinion (Yukon)!

We have partnered with Randy's Ring and Pinion (aka Yukon Gear) to bring you the best axle parts and accessories.  We have made it easier for you to find specific parts for your vehicle by adding the Diff Wizard.  Select your specific vehicle and then just pick the parts you need.  It's that easy!  No more hunting around trying to verify if something will fit or not.  The Diff Wizard takes care of all that stress and allows you to save time and money.  Give it a try today!

Click on the Diff Wizard to get started today!

Diff Wizard Yukon Randy's Ring and Pinion

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CSL Offroad Low Profile WJ Winch bumper with integrated Rigid Industries Dually LED lights

We have a brand new WJ Low profile winch bumper that has been specifically designed to integrate either the Rigid Industries Dually or Dually D2 lights.  The Dually D2 lights feature 6 LED's in each light for an impressive 3032 lumens of light.  The bumper is made in the USA and is an all steel construction.  It even has integrated hi-lift jack mounts built into it.  It protects the front of the jeep including the radiator with a removable skid plate and looks great in the process.  Get yours now!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jeep WJ Fender Flares by Bushwacker now available

The wait is no over, the Jeep WJ fender flares by Bushwacker are now available for your 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee.  These fender flares maximize wheel travel and also extend the fender maintaining adequate tire coverage.  These cut-out fender flares require trimming some sheet metal to achieve maximum articulation and coverage for oversized tires.  Made from warp proof dura-flex that is UV resistant and has a pro-grade matte black finish.

Click here for more information and pricing for the WJ Bushwacker fender flares.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

New WJ 242HD Slip yoke eliminator

Exclusively found here, this slip yoke eliminator will work on your 32 spline output shaft. This is the only place in the world that offers a fixed yoke kit for the 32 spline 242HD. 

Kit includes:
  • Heavy Duty 32 spline fixed "hack and tap" style yoke
  • Billet seal housing, anodized for a durable finish
  • Output seal and all required hardware
  • Installation Instructions

WJ 242HD Slip Yoke Eliminator

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Hyline Offroad XJ front winch bumper

New from Hyline Offroad is their XJ front winch bumper.  Designed for the Jeep enthusiast that enjoys the full width bumper style and protection, but can also stand up to anything the toughest trail can through at it. This bumper is laser cut, CNC formed, robotically welded, and hand finished by craftsmen all in the USA!

One unique feature of this bumper is the ability to install the winch after the bumper is mounted on the jeep making installation very easy.  The bumper simply bolts on and there is 1 hole to drill to remount the vacuum canister.  All XJ Front Bumpers receive a thorough zinc phosphate rinse and cleaning, then are E-Coated and Powder Coated with a lightly textured black finish. Our unique textured finish is easy to clean and matches almost perfectly to textured aftermarket fender flares.

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